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The Ultimate Good News

Why it’s not trending in the mainstream People clamor for information as to what’s happening all over the world. Anything news worthy today will end up as headlines in any leading news program. The more sensational it is, the more … Read More

Reset Button Technique

  It’s 2015. We all consider January 1 as a clean slate we can rewrite our life on all over again.  Of all the dates in the calendar, this one seems to be the most influential and the most inspiring. … Read More

Only for Serious Ascenders

As though we can’t have enough of it, the New Year fever is very much alive. I can still overhear people talking about resolutions, goals and visions and making declarations as to what this year 2015 is going to be. … Read More

Make it Good on the Second Chance

People make mistakes. We have made so many. We have busted so many God-given opportunities just as quickly as we have received them. I’m sure you can still remember those face-palm moments when you just can’t imagine how you can … Read More