re:ACTION why?

by: Nikki Espineli

re: Who?

“Being a part of JLA’s youth group is something I’m both privileged and undeniably grateful to have in my life. We are a young group of people within our diverse community, seeking to reach those not only within our own church community, but our local homes, schools, teams, outreaches, and workplaces. Building such positive, tight-knit, supportive relationships with one another allows us to grow in our individual walk with God.

re: What? Why?

We call ourselves re:ACTION because we believe that Jesus has changed our entire lives with such an intense impact that we want to inspire and guide others into experiencing their own impact as well, in this never ending endeavor for Him. Regardless of nation, age, or stage in life, our mission is simple and straightforward: to love God, and love people. Sincerely and passionately. This is who re:ACTION is, this is what we’re about. Get to know us and join our family, we’d love to hear your story and walk with you in your journey with Christ as a teenager/young adult.”