Christmas Redeemed

Christmas is just around the corner and wherever you go the signs of this most awaited time of the year are very clear. The malls are packed with shoppers frantically trying to finish their Christmas list. Christmas carols can be heard wherever you go that is a constant reminder of the joy and festivity of the season. Christmas decorations and ornaments are just competing with each other in their own innate beauty, sparkle and attention-grabbing qualities that will just sometimes leave one in awe. No matter how hectic it could be at times, personally, this is still my favorite time of the year!

At times like this though, we are also challenged with the question if we, as Christians, really ought to celebrate Christmas as we know it. My answer, in all honesty is, “why not”? Yes, I cannot discount the truth of its paganic origin, ungodly traditions and non-biblical practices. However, I cannot and will not accept either the notion that God’s sovereignty is limited and not all-encompassing to the extent that Christmas should be a write-off just because of its origin. If a sinful man can be redeemed no matter how much deep in sin he is, the more that it would be possible for God to redeem the season that the devil originally meant for idolatry and false worship!


As Christians, instead of focusing on Christmas’ ungodly deviation, let’s concentrate on veering the world’s attention to Jesus, the real reason of the season! With a grateful heart, let’s give to those in need so in turn, we can also share to them the greatest gift of all, God’s only begotten Son. With a joyful heart, instead of singing Christmas carols that magnify Santa Clause, let’s sing songs of praise to the King of kings and Lord of lords. With a compassionate heart, let’s love even those who are unlovable because He first loved us anyway while we were yet sinners. And with all that we are, let our light shine brighter than any Christmas light shows around not to boast of ourselves but only so we can point others to Jesus, the author & finisher of our faith.

There is no better time in a year than Christmas time when people are more receptive to the gospel, more tolerant of Christian works and more aware of Jesus as a babe born in a manger. As Body of Christ, let us take advantage of this atmosphere so we can restore the godliness and holiness of this season. There is so much going on that is just trying to replace or completely erase Christ from Christmas and as witnesses of Christ, let it be our mandate to declare into the world that Jesus IS the center and the reason of this season!