Can we Compete!

Going to church has become really boring for me and I’m really thinking about not going anymore.”

Boredom…. This is one of the most common reasons from people who have stopped going to church. On a steady decline, many denominations have failed to attract younger generations and some have actually closed down and sold their properties altogether.

The church is up against a well entertained generation. A joyless Christianity is a total turn off to this present generation entertained by spellbinding Hollywood movies, HD TV programs, network games and sport superstars. Bombarded by explosive music from rock stars and divas, churches may not even stand a chance to rival the entertainment value unchurched people are so familiar of.

But the church of the living God cannot be mocked. We have among us “The Presence” that the world doesn’t have. “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them.” –Matthew 18:20. The presence of God among us is what the church can offer to this amused but confused generation. We should not make the mistake of banking on the entertainment value of our worship services. Instead, we give them Jesus. The unchurched people are lost.  The media dumps sights and sounds created by unregenerated people burying them all the more to a life of hopelessness and meaninglessness. Only Jesus can make a difference.

We as church people know the true value of what we have among us. Our worship here at JLA City Church is celebrative. Our demeanor is joyful and the church atmosphere is conducive to worship.  Surely we know how to bless God. We know He is alive and so are we.  Everything we do here is to lift up Jesus. One of our first time guests was overheard saying, “Wherever I turn my head, I see people smiling at me.” Well I guess, that is a reflection of the joy Jesus gives when He is uplifted. And people do notice that. Now who says church life is a bore?