Make it Good on the Second Chance

People make mistakes. We have made so many. We have busted so many God-given opportunities just as quickly as we have received them. I’m sure you can still remember those face-palm moments when you just can’t imagine how you can even begin to live the moment following a great shameful mistakes.

The one thing that perpetually inspires me in my Christian walk is that second chances abound in God.  He has the ability to look beyond our faults and works on developing our character using our mistakes as teachers. He presents every single day as a promise of new beginning and on the wider scale the New Year is like another clean slate to write it all over again.  An average person learns from mistakes. But it takes a wise person to put his learning into practice.

Our goal actually is not a mistake-free life. That is just unrealistic, frustrating and impossible. I’ve gone past midlife but my capacity not to make mistakes has not really diminished.

I realized our real goal in life should be maturity. Not only that it brings relief, it makes the journey tolerable. If we aim for sinless perfection, we are bound for a lifetime of frustration. But if we aim for maturity, we will be delighted to journey from glory to glory. The other term for this is process. We need to have the patience to go through a process.  There is no shot cut. We have to have the appreciation for every small development we achieve along every stage of the process. You may have made big moral mistakes last year but if you learn well from it, you will be better off this year. We can’t just go through the same cycle over and over again. We need to underscore every single development the Holy Spirit is bringing forth in the process and use it to our advantage. We need to see the small things as encouragement for development.

As the saying goes, “ A little goes a long, long way”.  Yes it does. The big things may be in the guise of series of small things. Whether in finances, marriage, ministry, and almost every aspect of our life, they are the little things that carry us through the stages of maturity. A little of delayed gratification, saying no to temptation, closing a pornographic web pages, little savings for rainy season, all when accumulated in time can bring a huge victory.

The Bible is full of people who received second chances, and even third and fourth chances.  Moses, Jonah, Thomas, Peter, David, and others were all testimonies on how God can eventually bring out the best in a person through process. Why can’t your life be one of them? Don’t give up. Don’t get frustrated. 2015 is yours for the taking. Exploit it. Then climb to the next level.