Why we don’t seem to get tired


Next week we will gather again for our annual Christmas party and sure it will be another unforgettable moment. It may all look familiar and predictable, but did it ever dawn on you why we keep on doing what we are doing for years and not get tired of it? Aren’t we supposed to have a party fatigue? We may agree on these questions but our answers may differ.  Some say, “Well, I love partying”, others may just shrug off a shoulder and say, “No big deal”. I was reminded how my daughter Hannah still loves to watch the movie Frozen over and over for like hundred times and still not get tired of it. Her eyes are still glued on TV and sing along with Princess Elsa too every single time.

I can only think of one answer and that is inspiration. Anything that inspires attracts our attention no matter how many times we encounter it. An inspired person doesn’t mind doing things routinely. God, being our highest inspiration is the reason behind all these. We who love God can attest that no matter how long we linger in His presence, we can’t seem to have enough of Him. God who is so inspiring is like a breath of fresh air to familiar things we do. His presence makes old things look new. A line in Steve Green’s song captured that essence;

“God and God alone   will be the joy of our eternal home                  
He will be our one desire our hearts will never tire of              
God and God alone.”

A person who is in love with God is at his highest joy when things are done for His glory. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” The highest motivating factor is not what we do but why we do it.  The underlying “why” should be settled in things we do or we will get disinterested and eventually get weary in the process.  The one thing I love about what we do in the church, whether it’s behind the scene or in the glaring limelight is that we please and glorify only One audience and that is God Himself. While the thrill of pleasing God becomes our protection from energy draining side effects, it also becomes our highest motivator and source of daily inspiration. An inspired man is difficult to distract and easy to work with.

As we celebrate Christmas again, let us do it for Jesus. Don’t get distracted by the glaring Christmas lights and extravagant commercialism. Sift out any pagan influence and let Jesus be at the center of it all.