Yes or No

Some questions are only answered by yes or no No ifs, no buts, no reasoning that follow It makes our conversations sincere and true Direct to the point, it doesn’t need much ado. Anything beyond these two answers comes from … Read More

re:ACTION why?

by: Nikki Espineli re: Who? “Being a part of JLA’s youth group is something I’m both privileged and undeniably grateful to have in my life. We are a young group of people within our diverse community, seeking to reach those … Read More

New Beginning

How time flies, the old year had passed And I overcame life’s odds, thank God! Now the new year has come, how fast! Hoping the year is good and not bad.   New year… what does that mean to you? … Read More

Extend a Hand

We already got some snow here in GTA the last few days! I was hoping that it will not come but of course, this will not be Canada if we don’t have winter like this. During the snowfall this week, … Read More