GospelTrend Church is now open! Please note that to ensure a safe environment and to maintain social distancing, we have limited spots every Sunday. Pre-registration is required to reserve your spot. To those who were able to register for the worship service, please take note of the following precautionary measures that we have in place:

  • If you have cough, fever and/or shortness of breath, please stay home.

  • Our dear elderly members and those with pre-existing medical conditions are strongly advised to stay home and watch our live broadcast instead.

  • If you have traveled outside your usual community setting within the last 14 days, please do not attend and consider self-isolation as recommended by public health authorities.

  • If you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive with COVID-19, please do not attend.

  • If you have a COVID-19 test result pending, please do not attend.

  • Please avoid unnecessary physical contact, this includes handshaking, hugs and kisses. Your smile and a handwave will suffice for now.

  • In addition, we ask that you please practice good hygiene by frequently washing your hands with either soap or hand sanitizer and by using good cough/sneeze etiquette.

  • Face covering and face masks are highly recommended.

  • Food and drinks will not be served during the service. Please bring your own snacks or drinks.

  • Please be mindful of all markers and reminders posted within our building to ensure safe distance and minimize exposure.

Ultimately, even as we pursue preventative measures and exercise wisdom in keeping ourselves and loved ones safe, our faith and security is in Jesus Christ. We declare His promise of protection over you and your family. Let’s keep on praying for those affected around the world, and ask the Lord that the virus will be quickly contained and finally conquered.

One final note to emphasize, this information should not alarm or heighten any distress you may have surrounding recent developments of COVID-19. Rather, our desire is for you to be informed and act wisely by taking precautions. Please know that our desire is to protect and ensure the safety of all so we can continue to worship together.